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The Witness
White Flower Swamp Mallow
Playful Serpent
Earthbound Lotus
Mother Shakes
Flobius Styles I
Flowing Serpent
Fierce Expansive Consciousness
Kali Imminent
Flobius Styles II
Feathered Serpent
Second Sight
Thank you, Love...
Unbroken Spiral Consciousness
Integration Disintegration

Released on

01 March 2013

Music Written/ Performed/ Recorded/ Produced by

All songs written and performed by Robb Schaede (The Auras) Produced and Enginnered by Peter Dasilva (The Auras, Deep Space Cowboys). Percussion by Keagan Early on "Mother Shakes" Keyboards by David Zboch Alves on "Flowing Serpent" and "Flobius Styles I" Psyched out Guitars by Peter Dasilva on "Playful Serpent" and "Feirce Expansive Consciousness"

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